The answer is modern hubs that accommodate several functions under one roof and tie cities together. Modern infrastructure hubs make everyday life easier and more fulfilling for people who commute every day between home, work, institutions, grocery shopping, and leisure activities.

An integral part of the city

By considering infrastructure an integral part of the city, we can design more holistic transport hubs. Examples of such hubs include the ongoing construction of the Sydhavnen Metro in Copenhagen, which revolves around the user experience and functionality. Trondheim Central Station connects the entire city by spanning the old freight railroad and integrating transport, shopping, and public functions, as municipal workplaces become part of the life at the station.

When working on these hubs, we make sure to provide safe spaces that centre on daylight, integration of art, and high-quality sturdy materials, and we always integrate the parameters: function, aesthetics, value creation and robustness.

Infrastructure projects are complex, so we actively utilise the in-house competencies of Arkitema and COWI. Inhouse engineering competencies allow us to professionalise our services to provide designs that are faster and better integrated.