Can you see yourself developing the Scandinavian cities of the future and being part of our creative design teams?

Wherever you are in your career, you will have the opportunity to work with friendly and capable colleagues. Colleagues with a passion for their field, working in creative teams which are inclusive and can accommodate differences.

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Flexible workplace

Be part of a Scandinavian workplace
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With dedicated colleagues spread across our design studios in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, we collaborate across disciplines and cultures. Our Scandinavian foundations allow you to move between design studios, both within the country and across the Nordic region.

We work within the following fields:

  • Living
  • Commercial
  • Learning
  • Health
  • Urban
  • Culture
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Transformation
  • Industry

Our technical breadth allows us to offer individual career opportunities. We can help you to change course in mid-career, across segments and national borders.


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Together, we create more sustainable and vibrant communities

Our collective and inclusive approach to developing the Scandinavian cities of the future allows for knowledge-sharing, raises our professional ambitions, and makes room for good ideas.

We believe that small teams and cross-disciplinary groups provide the best conditions for development. By drawing on each other’s expertise and prioritising close-up team management, we can push complex projects and processes in a more sustainable, holistic, and innovative direction and add value for customers, users and society.

Here is a selection of our various subject-specific forums which you could be part of:

  • Project manager forum
  • Team leader forum
  • Architect forum
  • Digitalisation
  • Timber
  • Sustainability etc.

Our collaboration with colleagues from COWI is also developing all the time, and it sends us to fresh locations and generates a wide range of skills and expertise. Among other things, this close collaboration produces a shared and more uniform process from start to finish, which ultimately leads to better projects which are true to their original concepts and ideas.

Freedom and management

Do you enjoy working in an environment where you have personal freedom combined with responsibility and a say in things, and where there is a good work/life balance?
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In consultation with the immediate managers, we can align our different needs and interests.

If you work with us, you will be a valuable member of the team.

At different stages in our lives, we need to work in different ways. We cannot always work as many hours, and we don’t always want the same level of responsibility. At Arkitema, we understand that our colleagues have individual needs, and we help them to find the right balance between work and leisure.


Arkitema has a firm idea of what constitutes good management; our leadership policy is well thought-through, and all our managers receive regular training. Our managers ensure that our colleagues have a clear direction and purpose in their work.

You will have a manager who is interested in your personal and professional development. Our managers display trust and delegate responsibility and offer support and feedback when needed.

At management level, we make a conscious effort to create diversity and commitment.

Our approach to an effective work environment is based on solidarity and teamwork, where our colleagues can feel secure enough to speak their minds or try something new – we learn from our mistakes, and that is how we become leaders in our different fields.

Personal development

Develop your expertise and areas of interest

Explore or drill down into areas you are passionate about. As a new starter or student intern, you will be offered a wide range of internal courses and attractive further training opportunities.

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These development opportunities are there to ensure that you get off to a good start and are equipped with the latest knowledge in the industry. They also enable you and your colleagues to continue to be highly qualified collaborators.

As an architect or designer with us, your career could develop in one of three directions:

Business and project architect
For those who want to build good relationships with our customers and can assure the architectural and structural quality of a project.

Project manager
For those who can lead a project team and manage time, costs and quality as part of a wider whole.

For those who want to contribute top-level expertise to many different projects; within BIM, sustainability, client consulting or user involvement, for example


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Kick-start your career

Are you interested in gaining insight into the daily life of an architect, landscape architect, building designer, or engineer (especially in sustainability)? And are you curious about delving into the intersection of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability?

Get hands-on experience with a wide range of professionally relevant tasks, where you can work on concept development, model building, 3D development, and graphic layout design ranging from master plans to details.

We are raising the bar when it comes to creating cities of the future

For more than 20 years, Arkitema has had sustainability as a core focus. You will get to know how we continually challenge and inspire each other, our clients, and our collaborators to develop projects with significantly lower CO₂ emissions.

Arkitema is, among other projects, part of the '4 to 1 Planet' initiative, pushing the boundaries for scalable living with an ultra-low CO2 footprint in Denmark. Read more about it here (in Danish).

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Most buildings are initially constructed for a particular purpose, but as time goes by there may be a need to adapt them for new functions.

As architects and designers, we cannot always think in terms of new construction, and that is also a focus for us at Arkitema. We have extensive experience bringing new life and functions into existing buildings, always focusing on creating the best value.

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In our offices, we specialize in various disciplines, giving you the opportunity to become part of a team that creates noticeable changes in your area of interest.

We use digitization and digital design as catalysts to meet ongoing and future changes. During your internship, you will have the opportunity to explore and use a wide range of digital tools. We believe digital construction is an essential part of our building blocks to contribute to the climate solutions of the future. Read more about it here.

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You will be set off with a good start

Our interns will be assigned one of our talented mentors, whose task is to ensure your well-being, provide ongoing professional support, and help you achieve professional goals and interests.

As an intern with us, you will also become part of a strong social community with other students who may have different educational backgrounds. Based on your curiosity and interests, study trips, construction site visits, and Friday bars will be organized to actively inspire each other and foster camaraderie.

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Arkitema College

As an intern at Arkitema, alongside your work in the project team, you will also be offered participation in Arkitema College. This consists of a series of professional modules and activities aimed at providing our interns with professional inspiration and insight into various fields and disciplines within architecture and design.

This creates a professional forum where you will be introduced to several of our areas of expertise, giving you insight into some of the tools and practices of the profession that you may encounter after your studies.

The modules in the spring of 2024 include:

  • Our approach to sustainability
  • An insight into several of Arkitema's business areas
  • Tips for resumes and applications, preparing you to navigate the industry after completing your studies
  • The competition phase and 3D visualizations
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Introduction and/or advanced knowledge in Revit and an introduction to Arkitema's BIM Knowledge platform
  • BIM Design
  • The role of consultants and project development work

The College also includes internship days in Aarhus and Copenhagen, where interns gather around themes including professional presentations and visits to our construction sites.

These activities create space for you to meet with other interns at least once a week, sharing thoughts and experiences about your internship with us.

The majority of the College program is conducted in English.

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An internship that meets professional interests

If you are curious to explore one of our construction sites, attend client a meeting, participate in a design meeting, go on an excursion to one of our landscape projects, or do anything that extends beyond your field with us, those are wishes we strive to fulfill.

Read what our former interns say about our internship for students here.

Arkitema college

Please note that we only accept applications from students who are currently studying for their bachelor's or master's degree.

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