At Arkitema, we work to shape the cities of the future, where design, architecture and technology come together to create intelligent, sustainable environments. Our approach is based on high standards of trust, equality and solidarity, and we always work in a team structure that values knowledge-sharing. This philosophy is clearly reflected in our architectural work, which focuses on more than just designing projects – it’s about creating meaningful places. We see architecture as a process of shaping and creating space, whether it be a single building, a city or a landscape. And we always strive to accommodate the functions the customer wants, while adding artistic and aesthetic value to the spaces.

Our approach to architecture is always based on the context and the cultural and historical understanding of a given place, to ensure that we have a clear starting point to develop the architecture of the future.

In collaboration with our customers, we aim to develop cities where architecture plays a significant role in improving quality of life. Our integrated collaboration between engineers and architects ensures that all elements – from (electrical and mechanical) installations to design, daylight, indoor climate, energy efficiency and climate adaptation – are brought together in the best possible way, something we do through digital models that provide an overview and clarity throughout the project phase.

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Continuous evolution in architecture

Good architecture involves the use of timeless designs and solutions. At Arkitema, this is about finding a balance between the contemporary and the timeless. We are constantly developing, both in the design and in the materials we use, to meet evolving needs, keep up with trends in society and adapt to change. Our architecture needs to accommodate flexible and modular solutions, recognising a constantly changing world and the need for multifunctional buildings that maximise resource utilisation and adapt to climate and social challenges. In all of this, architecture mutates from a static discipline into a dynamic catalyst for change.

Our architectural practice covers a wide range of disciplines and areas. You can see a broad selection of some of our best works here or dive into our different fields of expertise here.

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Collaboration on an equal footing with customers and partners

We believe that every successful design process starts with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ situation and context. We ask questions, explore possibilities and create an open dialogue, which helps to establish a space built on trust and understanding. By putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we can understand the challenges and opportunities they face, enabling us to advise effectively and find optimal solutions. We aim to create an environment of respect, dialogue and mutual commitment to reach our common goals.

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Our approach to architecture is always based on the context

Good partnerships are the key to good results

We believe that good partnerships are the key to successful results. Our goal is to act as an extension of our customer’s team and provide the best possible advice throughout the design process. We actively involve our partners in the decision-making process and establish a creative dialogue, which contributes to a shared understanding and ownership of the projects. Our approach is based on open and transparent communication, whereby we share expertise, ideas and experiences and encourage active customer participation to achieve the best results.

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Strategic consulting focusing on sustainability and innovation

At Arkitema, we recognise that the construction industry has a unique role to play in achieving the ambitious but necessary goals for our future, and we take our responsibility seriously by helping our customers to make a success of the unavoidable transformation work. Our consultancy is focused on creating architecture that integrates sustainable initiatives in both the short and long term. Through an adaptive and holistic approach, we ensure that our customers’ visions and future requirements are met in an effective and innovative way.

We have extensive experience of sustainability aspects in our projects and have in-depth specialised knowledge in many sustainability areas. The basis for a successful and sustainable project also lies in a holistic approach and thinking around a complex whole.

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Tailored consulting for added-value architecture

Our expertise in architecture and design enables us to offer strategic advice that creates value, functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony. We combine analytical and creative thinking to produce inspiring architecture that responds to the needs and visions of our customers. Our aim is to be an invaluable resource for our collaboration partners and help them to take informed and timely decisions. As a trusted partner, we are dedicated to creating lasting results that contribute to value creation and development for our customers.

If you want to learn more about how our strategic consultancy can add value to your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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