The first sod for ‘Stejlepladsen'

Gang i gaden 2 stejlepladsen

The first sod for ‘Stejlepladsen'

12 April 2024

Yesterday, our project team took the first sod for ‘Stejlepladsen’, an urban development project situated in Copenhagen.

'Stejlepladsen' will become a greener neighbourhood, inspired by the existing Fishermen's Harbor buildings. The areas will feature a variety of housing types, materials, and architectural expressions.

Streets will be green and car-free.

The masterplan focuses on residents and visitors having easy access to various communal facilities, the waterfront, and lush courtyard environments.

This urban development is being created with PFA, Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn, and in collaboration with URBAN POWER, Lendager, Kragh Berglund Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, and Artelia. Arkitema is the turnkey contractor.