At Arkitema we are dedicated to working with architecture enriched with core Scandinavian influences, where context, scale, light and materials go hand in hand. Our creed is to create the best architectural framework for people, and we do this with a sharp focus on the specific projects unique qualities. We endeavor to find the right balance for each project, with an inclusive and transparent design process, where collaboration is the mainstay throughout the entire process

We work within all genres of the architectural spectrum, with a high level of specialization within specific fields. We find that it is a huge advantage to have close collaboration with the consulting engineers from the onset of project development, to facilitate a fully integrated design process. We always ensure competent and focused consultancy, and readily involve our branch specialists when, for example, considerations need to be addressed with regard to user hearings, calculations and technical analysis, design programming or financial targets.

The spectrum of our extensive project-portfolio is developed with focus on sustainability and in close collaboration with our innovative entrepreneurs, engineers, and other skilled partners.

We call this Co-creating Scandinavian cities.